On February 12, 2009, Angela Eve, international burlesque starlet and multi-media artist (Eve’s Parlor Burlesque / Twisted Tassel Burlesque Fest / Image Collective) collaborates with multi-disciplinary artist and designer Christophe Gauspohl (M5 Artist Collective, Greysheep Design Lab, UNSCENE Urban Navigator). They present a truly unique event in Chicago - The Elysian Ball. Orchestrated as a modern interpretation of a classic speakeasy concept, this event showcases a well-curated variety of erotic-based performances in conjunction with interactive installations, fashion exhibits, video art and much more.

Extravagant theatrics and dance performances will fuse mediums such as burlesque, modern dance, ballet, aerials, physical theater, etc. A 9,000 square-foot loft space in Chicago’s West Loop will be transformed into a circus-like environment, combining old world sensibilities with new technologies to conjure a realm of wonder and spectacle.

This interactive exhibit, which encourages our guests to come dressed in creative attire, makes actors of audience members...all within an installation designed to delve into the primal and visceral interpretations of erotica. Here, Christophe Gauspohl and Angela Eve have collaborated with a team of accomplished multi-media artists and performers to create this deeply sensual landscape. The Elysian Ball bridges the gap between high-design and entertainment, between the ancient and the modern. With a mission of intelligent seduction and sensory stimulation, we welcome The City of Chicago to this captivating and magical experience.

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